Back Again!

Posted on July 23, 2017 | 11 comments | Leave a comment
Level Ups: Lyn (20), angelrose (6)
Masters: angelrose (theselection, dragonsdawn, dwprisonerofthedaleks, ), Lex (mechanique, thelightfantastic, ), Lyn (lostinagoodbook, darklight, pjthelightningthief, hpchamberofsecrets-alt1, cityoflostsouls, pjthelastolympian, ), Pam (deadlyheat, )
Game Updates: You can play all games again
Wishing Well: Lyn wished for cards to spell out RETURN (one card per deck)
New Decks: You may take a total of 5 cards. No more than 2 per deck. If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!

Or you can take from the update randomizer

Hey everyone! Back with our first update after the hiatus. Great news!! Shawna is back helping as well! I'm so excited to be doing this TCG with her again. We have a pretty good partnership when it comes to TCGs so I'm glad she's back! :)

My fiance and I just moved from California to Nevada on Friday and we got internet set up today so I figured I'd update. Hope you are all having a great weekend and staying cool (it's so hot here!).

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